Microfinance highlights


Total number of active clients: 17,145

Total outstanding loan: US$4.8 million

Total number loan disbursed: 15,095

Total of loan value disbursed: US$ 6,6 million

Total value compulsory savings: US$384,790

Total value compulsory savings: US$320,494

Loan repayment rate: 99%


Company license registered in March 2016

Company’s microfinance license registered in October 2016

india (step)

Total number of clients: 6,545

Total outstanding loan: US$616,992

Total number loan disbursed from TDF’s funding: 2,359

Total of loan value disbursed: US$415,564

Education highlights

Mobile schools/libraries

20 mobile schools in Vietnam, 15 mobile schools in Myanmar

29,000 students trained on financial literacy

8 mobile container libraries opened since 2014

Vietnam: training 52,393 students since 2011

Myanmar: training 16,000 students since 2013


12,505 scholarships granted since 2004


28 kindergartens built since 2004