Financial Education


Financial education Financial literacy is increasingly being recognized as an important tool for consumers of financial services, including individuals living in low income households. The current economic downturn has emphasized the importance of a financially literate community. At The Dariu Foundation, we focus our financial education efforts on the low-income population, especially the youth.

Our initiative aims to increase financial knowledge and change financial behaviour. It is proved that those experiencing financial education become more confident about financial matters and make more informed financial decisions, they will become more self‐sufficient and financially secure.

Poor people in rural areas share the same goals as all people — economic security for themselves, their families, and future generations. The main difference is that they have fewer resources and opportunities. Most live in high-risk and unpredictable environments. And, compared to others, they don’t have much money. In this context, managing the little money that they have is vital. Good money management is critical for meeting day-to-day needs, dealing with life cycle events and unexpected emergencies, taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, and planning for the future.

We also place our attention to young adults who have among the lowest levels of financial literacy. They need to learn to live independently, need how to budget and make wise financial choices for everyday living. Kids and young adults earn and spend more money than ever, but downright dumb about money, while money changes quickly, so they need to be prepared. Financial education for young people can make a difference. It can empower and equip young people with the knowledge, skill and confidence to take charge of their lives and build a more secure future for themselves and their families. Train and encourage teachers, parents to provide financial education for children and youth in order to equip the next generation with better knowledge and skills to make effective and responsible choices and decisions in the complex reality.