We provide microfinance services such as loans, savings and training to the poorest and most disadvantaged population living in poverty in the rural and mountainous areas of Vietnam. Our clients are 100% women who are in need of micro-loans for job and income generation but are generally considered “unbankable”.

Our clients form a group from 5 to 9 members, receive training from our staff on financial education and loan use, prior to applying to their first loan of US $150 (with compulsory weekly savings of $0.25 (25 cent) and voluntary savings if available). The clients receive loans step by steps in a total of 8 loan rounds before they can apply for the largest loan of $1,500 USD.

Our loan officers meet the groups at one member’s home on weekly basis to collect repayments and savings, while also providing training and consultancy services

If you are a borrower in need of capital for your micro-business plan for income generation, but considered “unbankable”, please contact one of our loan officers at location near you.

If you are interested in supporting our microfinance project, please contact our management team for further information and partnership opportunities.