Mobile Schools


Mobile School is our innovative solution to solve the problem of no access to computers and internet for the disadvantaged children in Vietnam especially in the rural and mountainous areas where computer literacy remains an unaffordable luxury for most of them. Our aim is to narrow the gap of computer skills between kids in the urban and rural areas.

What is the Mobile school?

It is a container-based classroom, using a truck carrying the containers equipped with computers, desks and chairs to remote villages where the disadvantaged children can join for 3 three month courses of computer and internet skills training.  We have several models of mobile school, including 25 feet container, 40 feet container, expandable 20 feet and foldable house, and 48-seat cruiser as floating school.

To whom the Mobile school refers?

Disadvantaged children in the rural and mountainous areas who have no computer and internet access at all. What we try to do is to train them computer, internet skills and financial literacy, provide opportunities for them to discover themselves, their talents and to grow their future. Our team of professional staff members will help to coordinate the movement, operation of these schools.

Do you need our mobile school?

If you see that children in your areas need training on computer, internet and financial literacy, please contact us for assistance.
Mr. Nguyen Van Thuong, Projects Manager

You can help

It is your generosity that enables our mobile school project visible. While donating to The Dariu Foundation, you are giving valuable chance to thousands of people we serve every day. Thank you for your keeping faith with us in helping the poor and the disadvantaged children.