The costs of education for children is considered by low-income families a heavy burden which they cannot shoulder over in many cases, though they are aware of the importance of education for their children. Poverty shatters dreams about going to schools by many children in the mountainous and rural areas, especially in the Mekong Delta – the rice bowl of Vietnam.

Many children at the poor families have to work and earn the incomes instead of going to school at the early age in life, though they should stay at schools at their age. The objective of our scholarship program is to assist children among the poorest families to enroll school and prevent them from dropping out of schools, especially at the primary and secondary levels, and contributing to gender equality. At least 50 % of scholarships will go to girls due to the general bias on the part of parents and society in favor of boys.

A scholarship costs US $80 for one year and a bicycle scholarship costs US $100. A scholarship covers textbooks, notebooks, pens, uniform and/or bicycles for those who live far from school.

If you or the one you know may need a scholarship, please contact us for assistance.

Should you wish to donate our scholarship program, please contact us for further steps.