Female Engineering

June 5, 2019

On May 31st 2019, the Final Workshop and Graduation Ceremony of Intel Future Female Engineering Scholarship Program was held at the hall of Intel Products Vietnam, where the 31 scholarship recipients were honoured for their achievements.

With 6-month inclusive training, the students have enrolled in 5 modules, including Global Skillset, Workplace English, Digital Skills, Social Etiquette and Career Development.

Kim Anh, one of the students, has shared her feelings and experience after program. “At the beginning, I was a very shy and unconfident girl. I could barely communicate in English. The program has transformed me to be more open and confident“, Anh said. With more to be said, the program has brought significant changes to the students by equipping them with life skills and reasonable career orientation.

The event was also the opportunity for The Dariu Foundation to express the sincere thanks to the sponsor Intel Products Vietnam, training partners and universities for their tremendous support to the students over the course of the program. TDF and Intel Products Vietnam both hope the program will reach out and assist more young talented female engineering students in the future.