Ear Savers for Health Workers

April 22, 2020

Mekong Delt Students Print Ear Savers for Health Workers

Rural students in the Mekong Delta are using a 3D-printer to create ear savers for healthcare workers. These ear savers help hold up protective masks without the elastic pulling on the wearer’s ears.

Earlier this week, The Dariu Foundation organized an online training program for 30 secondary students on MIT-based ventilator and 3D-printing. They learned how to make some parts of the ventilator by 3D-printing and programming with Micro:bit.

Designs can be found easily online but the group worked out their own design – vertical teeth to hook the mask straps around – with the support and guidance by trainers of The Dariu Foundation. They can print four at a time, and each batch takes about half an hour, that means one printer can produce 60 pieces per day. The students, members of Code Clubs supported by The Dariu Foundation, hope that they can send 1,000 pieces in the next two weeks to health care workers at local district hospitals.