January 20, 2021

We are very happy to announce a new partnership with Swiss-based Fontana FoundationThe goal of the cooperation is to provide vocational training to 450 young adults in Vietnam.

Unemployment in Vietnam, especially among youths, is a big problem and the Covid-19 pandemic made it even worse. While the country is currently faced with record-high unemployment it, at the same time, lacks skilled workers, particularly in the digital sector. E-commerce is growing 35%, a growth never seen before in Vietnam.

This is where this cooperation sets in: while The Dariu Foundation’s core competencies lie in digital skills and creating opportunities for the youth, the Fontana Foundation has several years of experience in financing and supporting vocational training programs in various Asian countries.

Together we will provide IT-based vocational training (programming and graphic design) and e-commerce training to 450 youths. Benefitting from this program will be rural, disadvantaged young adults, 50% of them young women.

It is our goal that 85% of the participants will either start their own business (e-commerce) or will have a guaranteed job after graduating from the program.

We look forward to working together with Fontana Foundation on this exciting new project.