Welcome 2022!

January 4, 2022


Dear Friends,

We hope your last days of 2021 were peaceful and healthy! As the new year starts to pick up, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your support last year. It has been another challenging one but we are proud of the wonderful work we were able to continue.

For years we have focused on building the community, processes, and partners to repeatedly and reliably offer the most useful digital education for those in need. As a result, we were able to train roughly 1 million children by the end of 2021 and entertain over 150 Code Clubs – since we started to teach coding in 2018.

Despite the demanding conditions, we launched our latest project – „IMPOSSIBLE“ – in November, offering the most talented students in-depth training in digital currencies and assets, artificial intelligence and financial literacy, as well as entrepreneurship. And even though, as we look ahead to 2022, we see very similar challenges we faced in 2021, we dare to slowly shift our focus to helping our innovations spread; as soon as the pandemic situation slows down, we shall bring the IMPOSSIBLE project to five or six more countries in South East Asia, to  empower young, disadvantaged people to succeed in the digital world.

We know that without your support, none of this would be possible. So thank you from all of us at The Dariu Foundation! We wish you a 2022 full of joy, health and success.

Best regards,

Thomas Trüb
Founder & Chairman