December 16, 2014

RANGON – The Dariu Foundation launched its first three Mobile Schools in Yangon, Myanmar, in November 2014 in cooperation with Daw Khin Kyi Foundation and Myanmar Book Foundation in an effort to offer training opportunities for 3,000 disadvantaged young people in the first year.

These schools are located in the outskirt of Yangon, providing basic computer and internet skills for the young (12-20 year old). The curriculum covers basic Windows, Microsoft Office and Internet skills and each course lasts three months. Each school can accommodate 30 students per session, capable of training 1,000 students a year. So far, it is reported that all schools’ courses are fully booked while the waiting lists are longer and longer.

It is reported that rural and poor children in Myanmar have little chance to attend school. Around 40 per cent of children never attend school, almost 3/4 fail to complete primary education (according to Education in Burma 1945-2000). In such cases, they almost totally lack access to computer training to equip skills needed for their future career.

Therefore, the aim of this project is to provide vocational training opportunities, including computer-internet access, for the disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in Myanmar, aimed at empowering them with required skills for better employment. It is our strategy to expand this project to 20 mobile schools over the next three years to provide training opportunities to over 30,000 young people in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, TDF works closely with Myanmar Book Foundation and Daw Khin Kyi Foundation – members of the NLD education network which is currently running over 200 free schools in and around Yangon region. At the same time, we work closely with Intel which jointly grants this project in both Vietnam and Myanmar. As a result, 100 laptops are donated by Intel for these three mobile schools.

The Dariu Foundation is proud to be a leading organization in initiating the mobile school project in Vietnam and Myanmar. So far, TDF has 10 mobile schools (including one floating school) operating in Vietnam and 3 in Myanmar, providing vocational training access to over 10,000 students a year. For more details on the project and The Dariu Foundation, please contact: Mr. Nguyen Van Hanh, Director at