September 28, 2017


Ho Chi Minh City, September 28, 2017. – We are very excited to report the inauguration of our 3 new mobile libraries earlier this month, a collaboration between The Dariu Foundation and the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation (http://www.drying-little-  The libraries are installed in the provinces of Hau Giang, Quang Nam and Tra Vinh.

The containers are painted in an eye-catching orange and outfitted with a glass door and window. “No one has imagined such a perfect library” says school principal Luu Cuc. The air-conditioned room contains over 1000 books, four desks and dozens of chairs. Four laptops connect the library to the internet. “No one thinks they are in a container when they come in, we call it a five-star library”, Cuc said.

Since the 27m2 container was opened, it has become a favourite destination of many students during break and after school. Mobile libraries provide children in rural areas with the opportunity to access books they would never have otherwise, as well as laptops with access to the world wide web. The libraries are expected to help narrow computer skill gaps between children in urban and rural areas.

Early last year, the ministry asked education and training instittuions to promote reading culture at schools by improving public awareness of the pleasure and importance of reading books, increasing training for librarians, improving reading skills and ability to search for information.

With our mobile libraries and mobile schools, we are on the right track to educate the rural youth in Vietnam – thanks to our generous donors!