November 21, 2017


It was with great joy that we welcomed some of our donors and members of our board to a field trip in Vietnam and Myanmar, to introduce them to our activities in both countries, including the floating school on the Mekong River, Microfinance clients and Kindergartens.

And here is what else was going on in the last weeks:


The construction of two more Kindergartens in the Vinh Long province in Vietnam were completed and one of them was visited by its donor, Ms Chai Schnyder, during the field trip. The other one, donated by Ms Susanne Schroff, will be opened shortly  and we have now a total of 37 Kindergartens in Vietnam.

We are happy to report that we signed the contract for the second year of the Toyota vocational scholarship program.

Online tests have been conducted for students joining our mobile schools and the results will be out by early December. A total of 35,464 students have taken the tests.

During a field-trip, we selected 70 students out of 120 to receive a TDF scholarship in the rural in the Nghe An Province. This program is in coordination with the national People’s Aid Coordinating Committee. Scholarships delivery will be due in December 2017.


We maintain the operation of 15 mobile schools currently for a total of over 16,000 trained students. The number of our Microfinance clients has increased to 5,500 since we started our operation in March 2017.