On school building, scholarships and Digital Literacy Initative

August 20, 2018

Since we launched our the “Enabling Boat” project in April, nearly 25,000 children finished their training in ICT skills and code literacy. The program has been a huge success so far and we plan to continue our efforts, by training 60,000 students in 2019, 80,000 in 2020 and 100,000 students in 2021. As always, we have a strong focus to give girls the same chances as boys and at least 50% of our students are female.

Beside the Digital Literacy Initative, we continue our training for basic computer skills; over 23,000 youth completed their courses to date.

More numbers:

In Vietnam we granted 1,195 scholarships, built 5 new mobile schools to date and are building 3 kindergartens, which will be finished within the next few months and have a total of 17,168 microfinance clients.

In Myanmar, we granted 1,300 scholarships, built 6 new mobile schools to date and have a total of 7,738 microfinance clients.