Thomas, founder and president of The Dariu Foundation, is a highly experienced entrepreneur and manager and has been the driving force at Ringier’s, Switzerland’s leading media group, international expansion, where was responsible for New Markets, Asia and Africa. On his early business ventures in Vietnam in 1992, he fell in love with Asia, which eventually led him to launch The Dariu Foundation in 2002.



    Daniel Keller is a Co-Founder of EvalCo Sàrl, a Swiss-based company specialized in advising governments, UN Organizations and NGOs on development aid in emerging countries. He has conducted more than 200 assignments in 55 countries. Before establishing his own consulting business in 2001, Daniel worked for four years as a General Director and Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Ringier – Thong Nhat Joint Venture, Vietnam’s first foreign-invested contract publishing company. After more than 17 years in Vietnam, he now lives in Switzerland together with his family. Daniel, who is fluent in Vietnamese, also served on several Board of Directors in Vietnam. As an Investment Committee member of all five private equity funds managed by Mekong Capital since 2002, he has participated in every investment and divestment decision.



    After 10 years in Ringier’s financial accounting, Martin was appointed secretary to the board of directors in 1993. Three years later, he was promoted to head of corporate finance and joined the group executive board. He was appointed its chairman in 2003.He handed over the operational management of Ringier AG in 2009 and joined the board of directors, from which he stepped down in 2018. Since 2004, Martin Werfeli has also been chairman of the board for both Ringier Print Holding AG and Swiss Printers AG. In his spare time, he is engaged in humanitarian and church organisations.



    Manuel has been a member of the Group Executive Board and Head of Corporate Center at Ringier since May 2021. In addition, he has held the positions of Group General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer since October 2020. Before joining Ringier, Manuel worked for many years as a lawyer at one of Switzerland’s leading commercial law firms. Manuel studied law at the University of Basel, where he also earned his doctorate. He then spent two years in the USA (as a visiting fellow at Yale University, New Haven, and a foreign associate at one of the leading law firms in New York), and since then has also regularly held teaching positions at the University of Zurich. He is the author of various legal publications, as well as co-author of a successful textbook on private international law.